News Update – March 2015

The inpatient beds at Patrick Stead Hospital have re-opened, this is excellent news.  The beds have been closed since November due to staff shortages.  East Coast Community Healthcare is working hard to ensure this situation doesn’t recur, against a background of a national shortage of nurses.  However, the recent closure has demonstrated just why Patrick Stead is so valuable to local patients.  During the closure many people had to be admitted directly to the District General Hospitals, when they could have been receiving appropriate care closer to their homes, or, their timely discharge from the General Hospitals was delayed, as there was no Patrick Stead Hospital to care for them when they left.  No one involved in the situation wants to see this happen again.

More information – “Halesworth Rising”

Halesworth Health, Halesworth Campus, Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund, and the Halesworth Carers’ Fund will all be part of “Halesworth Rising” an event to be held at the Rifle Hall, on Saturday 21st March.  This will give more information about these and other new projects coming to Halesworth.  Please do try to attend the event which is open between 10am and 4pm – free refreshments will be provided.