What makes Halesworth’s healthcare special?

“If I am ill, there is nowhere else I would rather be.” You hear people say that in Halesworth.

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Teamwork and fresh ideas

Local people appreciate Halesworth’s health and care services.

The primary and community health teams at Cutlers Hill Surgery, and East Coast Community Healthcare colleagues at Patrick Stead Hospital and Rayner Green Day Care and Resource Centre, have successfully worked together for years to find a ‘local solution’ to a number of difficulties. The approach to problems is – let’s solve them.

  • The long distance from a District General Hospital
  • The health needs of an elderly population
  • Being on the margin of different boundaries – parliamentary, local government and health.

All have stimulated new ways of working to provide care at and close to home.

Community support makes it possible

Our healthcare is special partly because communities are involved in how they are provided.

Local people support Patrick Stead Hospital’s League of Friends, Rayner Green Day Care and Resource Centre, the Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund and voluntary organisations that together make life better for people in and around Halesworth.

Working together as a team of doctors, community staff and voluntary groups while involving local residents has helped us all.”
– Dr Annette Abbott, GP partner at Cutlers Hill Surgery.

Key services are all on one site

There are many practitioners, employed by different organisations, working in sessions every week to provide comprehensive care locally on the Cutlers Hill Surgery/Patrick Stead Hospital site.

  • Cutlers Hill Surgery, with primary care and community healthcare teams
  • Patrick Stead Community Hospital
  • Rayner Green Day Care and Resource Centre
  • Community paramedic
  • Minor injuries unit
  • Out-patient and outreach clinics
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Community First Responder
  • Pharmacy
  • Voluntary support services
  • Charities such as the League of Friends of Patrick Stead Hospital and Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund (which plans to build an Information and Support Centre for people with serious illness).

If we lost any of these services the quality of care would fall.”
– Dr Richard Kell, GP Partner at Cutlers Hill Surgery.

Want to know more about what makes Halesworth’s healthcare special – and why we need to plan and work together for the future? Download the Halesworth Health Leaflet (PDF document).

Facing the Problems, Finding Solutions has more on the challenges for health and care services in a rural area.