Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund (HCNCF) ISC report April 15th 2016

I think that its true to say that the award from the Wolfson Foundation, which was confirmed in December 2015, for £60k suddenly had the effect on all of us of realising that we were actually getting close to our target, and has prompted a surge in activity from all trustees and committee members in order to ensure that we are ready to move when we reach £714k.

Information & Support Centre

Prior to Wolfson we had been progressing slowly but surely towards our target of £714k for the ISC project, but the early Christmas present of £60k got us to a figure of £550k at the end of 2015 – 77%. Having comfortably cleared the 50% hurdle we now feel that some of the larger Foundation Trusts, who had previously indicated that they would not consider applications for awards until we were closer to our target, may now start coming in with something more positive. Many thanks are due to Frances for all her hard work with the fund raising – it’s been a bit of a slog but things are now starting to happen.

Having discussed the capital costs of funding to build the new Centre we also have to ensure that we are able to fund all our running costs which run at circa £120k per annum.

Funding of running costs

So – how will we run the Centre and maintain the building?

Dees Den Charity Shop – we will set aside the proceeds from Dee’s Den towards running costs. This equates to around £21k per annum.

Subsidy from main Charity – a sum of £125k has been set aside to help defray our running costs. This will be “drip fed” over a 5 year period on a reducing balance basis.

Stakeholders contributions – I will mention in more detail developments in this area a little later, but suffice it to say here that we have come to a tentative agreement with Big C who will be supplying cancer and, possibly, other services in the new Centre. As a result they have agreed to provide a figure of £30k per annum towards salary costs over a 5 year period. It must be stressed that this arrangement in no way impinges upon HCNCF’s ownership of the Centre and responsibility for ensuring that our vision for the Centre meets our initial aims, rather than being diluted by external influences.

Local Fund Raising – we have been achieving around £40k per annum from largely local fund raising over the past 3 years. We will need to continue with local fund raising once the Centre is up and running but also:

Grants/Awards – some of the Trusts we have approached have indicated that they would be more interested in helping to fund our running costs. We will be pursuing these as soon as we are in a position to do so.

As an indication of all the hard work which has gone into local fund raising the figures below give an indication of where the rewards have been greatest:
In 2015 we raised locally £9,516 from donations – £5,000 with a very generous pledge from the Heveningham Hall Country Fair ( thank you Lois – our patron ) – and £12,794 from events, some of which have been organised by people wishing to raise money for the charity, and some from events organised by HCNCF. In addition HCNCF itself contributed another £10,000 from surplus funds.

Potential Partners in the venture

We are actively entering discussions with various bodies to supply services in the Centre, as it is our intention to supply services for all life threatening diseases and not just cancer.

As previously mentioned we already have a tentative agreement with Big C to have a presence in the Centre, and are looking at ways and means of joining together in some areas such as marketing to broaden our visibility in the region – whilst ensuring that whatever one party does – doesn’t work to the detriment of the other party.

We chose Big C having visited several of their centres around the Norfolk area and were very impressed with the way they go about things and, coincidentally, Big C are also looking to expand their services into the Waveney area so it was a sensible step for both parties to open talks, which have now been ongoing for some time. We feel strongly that Big C, with their cancer expertise, and HCNCF with our objectives of supplying a “multi disease” facility, will supply an almost unique centre to the South Norfolk and Waveney area.

Approaches have also been made to all GP practices in the North Suffolk and South Norfolk area which we anticipate will lead to referrals to the Centre.

Having held talks with the local Clinical Commissioning Group ( CCG ) we also have a letter of recommendation which we can present to all potential donors and stakeholders.

Building Design and Construction

We already have an agreed design for the Centre, and planning permission is in place. We are currently also researching other design and build opportunities because, the closer we draw to starting construction, the more important the Trustees realise it is to have exactly what we want in terms of design and cost.

So – when will this all happen?

We currently anticipate that we will achieve target in the second half of 2017 – and this is very much our aim. Given the nature of raising money, however, this happy day could be later or sooner.

Finally – thank yous.

I can’t finish this report without thanking so many people who have helped is so many ways. As ever I feel that if I settle down to a long list of name I will inevitably upset some who I haven’t mentioned. The thanks of all at HCNCF are due to volunteers – helpers at events – people who organise events – people who contribute to our target – and lastly but by means least – all Committee members and Trustees who have put so much time and effort into the ISC project.

The continued amazing reactions we have received over the past several years from all in the locality has been a great source of help and inspiration. We know that what we are doing receives so much support in the area. Very many thanks you to all.