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These figures are correct as of 6-Oct-2016 and confirm that we’ve reached the total required to develop the Information and Support Centre!


If you would like any further information about the charity or ISC project, or if you would like us to send you a sponsor form so that you can help to raise money for the ISC project, please contact us.

Martin Trimby from winning team First XI at the golf day

Andrew Niven from winning team First XI receives his prize from charity trustee Jane Edwards

Charity golf day at Halesworth Golf Club

Pictures by Sarah Patchett


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HCNCF trustees Ted and Jane Edwards, Pat Rennie and HCNCF trustee Barbara Kell at the end of Pat’s walk in Southwold.

Pat’s sponsorship page will be accepting donations until 29-Dec-2018. To support her, visit https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/patrennie1

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Update from Halesworth Health (HH) May 2018

You will probably have read or heard about the Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) discussion, public engagement, and final decision concerning the future of the Rayner Green Resource Centre (RGRC). This is all linked with the planned future closure of Patrick Stead Hospital (PSH). We have had several meetings with the CCG to express our local point of view, and to try to persuade the CCG to look at different options. A summary is as follows:

1 Patrick Stead Hospital, as you know, lost its inpatient beds, due to nursing staff shortages, but thanks to volunteers – through Halesworth Volunteer Centre – has continued to provide downstairs a daily service for blood tests as well as intermittent diabetic eye, and aortic aneurysm screening programmes. The plan for the future is to close the hospital completely and for the owner, NHS Property Services, (NHSPS) to sell the site, most likely to developers, although there is a local plan to try to purchase and run it as a community asset, but not for health services, (similar to what is happening in Southwold hospital).
NHSPS and the CCG also wish to close the physiotherapy building, which currently houses various outpatient services as well as physiotherapy clinics. Therefore an alternative venue for all the outpatient clinics will be needed.
Recently there was a change in the provider of the blood test service (from James Paget Hospital over to East Coast Community Healthcare) and things were initially chaotic, but we are pleased to say that a full morning service is now being offered again, for the time being, at PSH.

2 Rayner Green Resource Centre
This has been an excellent day centre for over 20 years and still is, but in a restricted way whilst under review by the CCG for the last 2 years, for people with various types of disability and often those with dementia. It has been funded jointly by the CCG and Social Services, with considerable funding donated by the PSH League of Friends, but the CCG, who pay the majority of the running costs, are no longer willing to fund this. They feel it is solely a social service and state that they do not fund a day centre anywhere else within the CCG area. We have expressed our view clearly that RGRC has been an important part of an excellent integrated health and care system which we believe is one of the reasons why the acute admission rate to district hospitals from Cutlers Hill Surgery is much lower than average for the CCG. It also plays a vital role in supporting people with dementia. The restriction on admissions for the last two years has caused considerably increased pressure on the local charity, the Dementia Carers’ Fund. However the CCG have to look at their financial situation, which in common with the rest of the NHS is in dire straits, and they are not prepared to fund this in the future. It is a very sad situation for those in need of this service, and their carers, but as a result of this decision alternative options are being considered by HH in conjunction with Social Services. Meanwhile the CCG say that they have ensured that Social Services are reviewing now the needs of all those currently attending RGRC and will offer appropriate help and support.

The CCG have taken independent professional advice and decided to convert RGRC into the new facility for all the outpatient services currently provided locally. Plans are being drawn and planning permission will be necessary, to convert and slightly expand the building as well as for the extra parking and access needed. HH have been meeting the CCG and their architect to express our concerns and try to ensure that their proposals will work practically.

We have had to accept this decision, which comes with obvious disadvantages, as well as some potential benefits, such as being more adjacent to the GP surgery. Unfortunately we could not persuade the CCG to house outpatients in a temporary building until CMC was ready, due to some uncertainty still until CMC plans are approved, as well as the cost to the CCG of temporary facilities. This was despite an offer of considerable financial support from the Patrick Stead Hospital League of Friends.

3 Castlemeadow Care, and the sports project.
Castlemeadow Care is an independent family run care home provider, which has, despite numerous setbacks, very patiently stayed and persisted with the project, despite moving to Plan B. They will still build a care home to include NHS funded beds, and also a community hub in which they have offered to provide NHS outpatient facilities. They intend also to build housing with extra care accommodation. There is currently no nursing home in Halesworth. As you will recall, if the initial project had succeeded, then CMC would by now have been established on land adjacent to the GP surgery and thus very likely accommodating all the outpatient facilities. The healthcare services would not have needed to be in this radically changing situation. Unfortunately as the Halesworth Playing Fields Association (HPFA) withdrew from the joint project, despite wide public approval after the joint public exhibition of May 2016, the playing field land was no longer available to CMC and an alternative plan had to be started in early 2017. The reluctance by HPFA to continue with the joint project has sadly delayed things by two years.
Fortunately ‘Plan B’ with CMC building on the former Middle School site, in conjunction with the exciting Campus sport and training proposals is progressing well. The option agreement has been signed for CMC to purchase the land, and a joint planning application for both healthcare and sport will soon be submitted. The CCG are still committed to having NHS funded beds with care in the CMC building and would also consider using it for outpatient facilities in the future. There is no fixed timescale for these changes other than we are told that the Rayner Green Resource Centre will close at the end of June 2018.

We will continue to keep you informed about developments, if that is your wish.
Trustees of Halesworth Health. May 27th 2018


Pat and Bud.


To sponsor Pat, visit https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/patrennie1

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Picture courtesy of Halesworth Golf Club shows  (L – R) Ben Townsend, manager of Halesworth Golf Club, Gary Slaymaker (from Halesworth Golf Club), Andrew Jennings (2017 Halesworth Golf captain), Ted Edwards (co-chair of the Pear Tree Centre project) and Ken Parry-Brown (2017 Halesworth Golf seniors captain).

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      Dr. Kevin Maclusky

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The CCG are hosting a drop-in session over the future of Patrick Stead Hospital and Rayner Green Resource Centre.  This is on Monday 26th February between 3pm and 6pm in the Garden Room at the PSH.  Senior staff from the CCG will be answering questions and discussing plans for the site.

The NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group have now begun a 4 week public engagement exercise into the future of the Patrick Stead Hospital site, which will run from Monday 5th February 2018 until 5th March 2018. The proposal would mean the formal closure of the Patrick Stead Hospital, being in line with the CCG’s decision to develop new out of hospital services to provide care in patients’ own homes following its Shape of the System public consultation in 2015. The proposal also would see the health and social day care services currently provided from Rayner Green ceasing and no longer being funded by the NHS. The CCG recently agreed in November 2017 ,£1.3m to fund a South Waveney – Out of hospital team, beds with care and a new minor injury service, which would become effective from 1st January 2018. With these new services in place, they no longer have a need to provide in-patient-beds at PSH, and with only outpatient services on site, the hospital, physiotherapy block and most of the surrounding land would be put up for sale.

All the services currently provided from the main hospital building; phlebotomy, diabetic eye screening and the abdominal aortic aneurysm clinic, which have been provided from the hospital for the last 12 months due to the support of, meet & greet volunteers, co-ordinated by Halesworth Volunteer Centre, would be transferred to the Rayner Green Resource Centre Building. All East Coast Community Healthcare services currently provided from the Physiotherapy Block; physio, podiatry, continence, lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), occupational therapists and neurology specialist nurse clinics, would also be transferred into the Rayner Green Resource Centre. Once the public engagement exercise is complete, a final decision about the services provided on site will be agreed at the CCG Governing Body meeting on 22nd March 2018.

While we welcome the continuation of vital services such as phlebotomy, physio, and podiatry in Halesworth, we are however disappointed and saddened at the closure of the day care services currently provided in Rayner Green. The excellent service which has been provided by the team at RGRC for over 20 years, and financially supported by the League of Friends of Patrick Stead Hospital, provides service users and their carers’ with a better quality of life and reduces the risk of unnecessary hospital admissions. The fact that admissions to the centre have been frozen for the last 18 months has had a huge impact on the Halesworth dementia Carers’ Fund, who are caring for people at considerable financial cost. HdCF provide much needed care for those with dementia, enabling family carers to have a much needed break from their 24 hour role of care for their loved one. Due to the demand of this service over the past year the current 20 families who are supported by HdCF are receiving an allocation of 2 hours respite a week, which will be reviewed when finances improve. We believe that day care services are essential for Halesworth, enabling people to remain independent in their own homes for longer.

Halesworth Health has been involved in discussions with the CCG, with a view to retaining the day care provided at RGRC and alternative options for the location of outpatients. Plans are moving forward well for the new healthcare facility, Castlemeadow Care, which will be adjacent to the Halesworth Campus Ltd – Sport and Leisure site. The CMC Nursing Care Home will include NHS funded beds with care, as well as private residential and nursing beds, social day care, housing with extra care and a community hub. The signing of the option agreement between CMC and HCL is imminent, with the planning application ready to be submitted and should be obtained by the summer of 2018. It is then envisaged the Castlemeadow Care facility will be ready for use by early 2020. Hopefully all outpatient services along with social day care will be provided here. It is very unfortunate timing, as CMC would have been built and ready to accept the outpatient services this year on the HPFA land adjacent to the surgery, if the initial joint project hadn’t failed when HPFA regrettably withdrew. We have explored with the CCG the option of retaining day care at RGRC, keeping the hospital open for a further 2 years, running as it is with the support of volunteers, or using a temporary building for outpatients until CMC is ready, but they insist that these options would be too costly and there is no alternative. The CCG also state that they will no longer fund the day care services.

People can share their views on an online survey, until 5th March, by visiting https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/rayner_green/ or there are paper copies available to complete in Halesworth Library. Please do make your thoughts and feelings known

In the meantime we are in discussions with Suffolk County Council and Social Services, looking at options to enable provision of social day care services in Halesworth for the interim period. We will keep you updated with progress.