Donations and Purchases (31st March 2012)

We have received a donation this month from Halesworth Group SEIAG. Also, donations have been received for Rayner Green Resource Centre from the Cranfield Charitable Trust (1971) and in memory of Lionel Sharman. Grateful thanks for all of these donations.

The League of Friends has recently spent in excess of £4,000 on a new blood fridge for the hospital. This is to replace the original fridge which was several years old and no longer fit for purpose. This will enable patients to continue receiving blood transfusions here at the Patrick Stead, rather than having to travel further afield. We have also agreed to the purchase of a Drug Trolley and Ophthalmoscope for the ward, a Commode Shower Chair for Rayner Green and a Battery Powered Ring Cutter for the Minor Injuries Unit. All of these items help to enhance the excellent services provided here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the local community for their continued support and generosity in supporting the League of Friends, and making these purchases possible.