League of Friends lends support to Halesworth Health (July 2012)

Last year, as many of you are aware, the League of Friends joined with Cutlers Hill Surgery, Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund and Community First Responders to form Halesworth Health. The aim of Halesworth Health is to safeguard and expand community health and care services for Halesworth and the surrounding villages. Most of the work was unpaid, but LoF donated £10,000 which paid for the production and distribution of 7,000 copies of the HH leaflet and other promotional material, a computer, and some consultancy work on the options and background necessary to develop a Project Plan.

In the first year HH achieved great results, with hours of time voluntarily given by members of the group. HH required core professional support to develop the plans to safeguard and develop our health care services for Halesworth and the surrounding villages. Members of the League of Friends recognised the importance of this work for the future security of the hospital and its invaluable services, and agreed to fund a further £35,000 for the first phase of the project development. The League’s decision to provide significant support for Halesworth Health came after HealthEast, the new clinical commissioning group that will take over from NHS Norfolk and Waveney in 2013, met Halesworth Health in January 2012. HealthEast agreed to take a fresh look at Halesworth’s situation and agreed a timetable for Halesworth Health to produce the business case for current and future services on the Patrick Stead/Cutlers Hill Site. NHS Norfolk and Waveney also supported Halesworth Health’s proposals for ‘a local solution’.

Professional healthcare consultants Sustainable Communities Partnership have been retained to produce the Strategic Outline Case. The Strategic Outline case has been completed and has support from the Boards of HealthEast and will now go to NHS Norfolk and Waveney. An Outline Business case and Full Business case will follow. Halesworth Health are working with the Campus Project Group to link health and care with housing, sports facilities and other services planned for Halesworth on the adjacent land. We will keep you updated with any news.