Welcome support for our work (October 2012)

We have received several donations over the last couple of months. Firstly, many thanks to Albert Hambling for his kind donation following his 80th birthday party back in July. We have received donations in memory of Mrs K J Monahan, Mr J R B Williams, Mr F C S Robertson and Mr D P Claridge after some of his fellow musicians played a tribute concert in memory of his life as a clarinettist. We have received donations from Mr D W Taylor, Dr K A MaClusky and from Mr R Axten and Mrs P Cook after a collection at a double 70th birthday celebration. Many thanks for all of these donations.

We have also received donations for Rayner Green Resource Centre from Mrs R M E Boulton, Dee’s Den Charity Shop and in memory of Mr M D Fisher, once again thank you for all of these kind donations.

We all put our feet up and enjoyed a summer break during August with no meetings, so not much to report. However, this month we have agreed to purchase some duvets and covers on a trial basis, to replace the traditional sheets and blankets, for the wards at Patrick Stead, and have contributed to a folding Display Board for Rayner Green to display some of the art work created by the users.

We are pleased to announce that the trolley shop is back in action and doing the rounds on a Monday and Thursday afternoon at Patrick Stead and Rayner Green, thanks to our team of willing volunteers. It is a chance for patients/users to purchase sweets, chocolates, drinks, tissues and more.

Finally, on the 15th and 16th September Henry Bareham, and his friends Matt Gander, Sonny Bacon and Will Dunning completed a 24 hour golf marathon at Halesworth Golf Club in memory of Henry’s Grandmother Pamela Bishop. This involved hitting balls on the driving range constantly over the 24 hours; it really isn’t as easy as it looks! Thanks to all of you for your support and enthusiasm. It is refreshing to witness youngsters giving up their entire week-end to support their local community, your efforts are much appreciated. Hopefully you didn’t suffer too much the next day. Thank you and well done. Also thanks go to Ben and the Golf Club.