ISC Chair Report (Nov 2013)

ISC Report for the AGM of 15th November 2013.


The ISC project has now been on the go for just over 2 years and much has been achieved. Although the following is not the usual way of presenting a report at an AGM so much has happened that it is probably easier to set out in separate headings

Land Purchase.

A price has now been agreed with Cutlers Hill Surgery for the purchase of the ISC site behind and to the west of the Surgery. In addition we are purchasing the plot immediately to the north of the ISC site for parking and access. Heads of Terms have been agreed between HCNCF and the Surgery and solicitors are now involved.


All aspects of planning have now been agreed with the Planning Authorities and our thanks are due to Tim Hannon of Brooks Architects for all his work on our behalf.


The date when construction will start is very much subject to how quickly the funds flow in, but our target date is in the first half of 2015. Once we start building, the project will be managed by Robert Dale of the Daniel Connal Partnership, who has much experience in the field of project management.

Dees Den.

Our Charity Shop in Steeple Way is going from strength to strength – in fact it is exceeding all expectations. Very many thanks to Deanna Shipley, Billy Mayhew and all the volunteers. Much needed funds are being generated. Also very many congratulations to Dee and Billy for their award as the 2013 Halesworth Lions Joint Citizens of the Year. The award is much deserved.

Fund Raising

Frances Lloyd, our professional fund raiser as well as a trustee, has now started to apply to some of the larger charitable trusts which specialise in our kind of project, and initial reactions are encouraging. In addition we are actively fund raising locally which is again encouraging. Our total target for the entire project is circa £720,000 of which £160,100 has been raised ( or set aside by HCNCF ). Anyone can follow progress by accessing our web site at   and donations can be made direct from the site to Just Giving, or information is shown how to donate on a personal  level.

Marketing Consultant

We are looking into using the services of a professional marketing consultant to help us raise the profile of the HCNCF and the ISC with the general public.


As can be imagined a lot of work has gone into “getting the show on the road” and this has all been done by Trustees and Committee members, all of whom are volunteers. The “whos who” tab on our web site shows the names of all involved – all of whom have done wonders in such a short time, but particular thanks must go to Barbara Kell and Jane Edwards ( who between them gave birth to the Charity, and the idea for the ISC project ), to Frances Lloyd who is not only responsible for fund raising but also produced the Proposal brochure which is an imposing document, and to Rachel Booth who having retired as a solicitor specialising in commercial property now finds herself taking on several time consuming projects.

Also plaudits must go to the Trustees at the time, whose decision to go ahead with this project must have taken much soul searching, and not a few sleepless nights and – “ Do you know what  – I know  that it will all be all right on the night!