ISC Chair Report (March 2014)

Since our AGM Report things have continued to progress. Sometimes slower than we would like, but there have been many good moments also, and we still remain optimistic about meeting our target of going out to tender for the building of the new ISC in the first quarter of 2015.

The purchase of the site for the ISC from Cutlers Hill Surgery is still in the hands of solicitors, but progress is being made! As many of you will recall full detailed planning has already been achieved with the Planning authorities.

Fund raising is progressing along the right lines and, of our total target of £720,000, we have now received or been pledged a few pounds short of £300,000. Once £500,000 is “in the bag” we will start the tender process.

We owe many thanks to Frances Lloyd for all her efforts on the fundraising front, and also we have been successful with local fund raising in the past few months. This is a result of some very generous donations and some very successful events, which have been recognised in the recent general HCNCF report.

Dee’s Den, our charity shop, continues to exceed all expectations and has become a major source of funding for the HCNCF. The efforts which Deanna Shipley and Billy Mayhew have put in, along with all their volunteer helpers, are remarkable. It is lovely to see that their efforts have been recognised by the joint award to Deanna and Billy of Halesworth Citizens of the Year.

This report cannot be complete without a word of thanks to Liz Hearnshaw who we appointed as our Marketing Consultant towards the end of 2013. She has been an inspiration and focussed our minds on the “hows – whys -and wheres” of how to go about promoting the HCNCF. It’s amazing what you can do when you know how!