Notice of an Annual General Meeting Halesworth Health 9th July 2014

Notice is hereby given to all Members that the 2014 annual general meeting of this charity will be held in the Garden Room at the Patrick Stead Hospital on Wednesday 9th July 2014 at 7.00pm for the following purposes:

1.  To receive the report of the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

2.  To present and adopt the 2014 unaudited financial statements.

3.  All existing Trustees and Officers of the Charity having retired by rotation under the constitution, to elect new Trustees from such persons as have been proposed in writing by members and have indicated their willingness to be so appointed, and are eligible, as set out in the constitution of this charity.  A form of proposal should be returned duly signed and completed to: The Secretary, Halesworth Health, c/o Cutlers Hill Surgery, Halesworth by 30th June 2014 or a copy may be sent by email to

4. To appoint from the trustees so elected a Chair, Secretary and   Treasurer of the Charity.

By order of the Board

Dated 26th June 2014

The Secretary, Halesworth Health