Public Exhibition Feedback Summary

Halesworth Health
Summary of feedback from Exhibition on 6th May 2016

From 80 forms collected:

How useful was the display?
• Very: 63 (79%)
• Fairly: 17 (21%)
• Not useful: 0
How well were questions answered?
• Very: 60 (80%)
• Reasonably: 15 (20%)
• Not well: 0

Out of the forms collected 37 were from men and 54 were from women, some were from couples and a few had no comments. From these 75% of people were over 60 and only 16% were under 45.

A selection of comments on Health& Care proposals:

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and people were encouraged and impressed with the plans.

• Looks very comprehensive – all on one site
• What was described was excellent
• Looks excellent facilities with some flexibility on actual use
• Impressive – like the mix of apartments and care beds
• Very good. Better parking/access and modern facilities. While Patrick Stead is a great building, Halesworth has to take opportunities for modernising its facilities for health and elderly
• Very important to have integrated services, helping people get medical care where they live rather than the distress/trauma/inconvenience of travelling far and wide
• Inspirational, something for all
• Health and care will be greatly augmented in this area with this plan and essential for our ageing community
• Again, just what the town needs: local hospital and local care for local people

There were some concerns raised.

• Need reassurance on number and duration of NHS beds in the new facility replacing Patrick Stead
• I am concerned about the facilities for care being affordable given the funding difficulties for care home companies
• I hope the health needs of local people are met as a priority and that patients/needy older residents are not brought in solely on a financial basis
• Assuming the current one in Halesworth is shut down, that would be a sad loss
• Again, seem very, very ambitious, but quite well planned. Whether there will be enough adequately trained staff to cope with dementia patients. Provision apart from NHS beds is private